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You really should know where your meat comes from

In 2017, founder Ben Spell and his wife welcomed their first child into the world. It didn’t take long to realize that their options for quality and affordable meats were limited. In 2018, Ben expanded on his grandparent’s legacy by establishing Good Ranchers. The Mission? To provide families all over the country with affordable, tasty, high-quality meat you can trust. Good Ranchers first started out by opening tents in cities across the US to sell their locally resourced meat. They reached out to us with the goal to sell their meat online so more families could benefit from their low prices and high quality.


Designing a seamless checkout process

We started out by designing the different pages we were working on for this new shopping experience. The main goal was to make the experience enjoyable and seamless to get from the product you were interested in to the checkout form. We did this by studying leading industry standards for e-commerce website design and information architecture and implementing a solution that best matched their needs.


Designs that tell the story

Another important part of the new website experience was a place for new customers to come and learn what makes Good Ranchers different. We wanted to capture the story and present it in a fun and educational way. We did this by creating a page that customers can scroll through and get a complete picture of how Good Ranchers is changing the way meat gets delivered to your door.